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Mast Climber

Mast Climber Work Platforms

Hi-Rise Carpentry Ltd. offers the safest, most advanced mast climbing equipment available

When working from the ground up is preferable

Supports from 2,000-8,000 pounds (from 2 to 8 times the capacity of a suspended scaffold)

Wheelable base unit allows for easy manoeuvering and set up

We provide the following product lines:

Mast Climber Thompson
Mast Climber Brandon

Light duty line (MC-10)

Reasons to use light duty line:

It's light-weight and versatile

Up to 2000lb capacity

Can be set up on a lower roof where weight capacity is an issue

Base is mobile and can be set up quickly and easily by two men

Mast sections only weigh approx. 80 lbs. allowing the fastest installation times available

Mast Climber Manitoba

Heavy duty line (MC-3615)

When you have to get as much as 8,000 pounds on one unit. Mast sections are light compared to other heavy duty climbers, only 110 lbs. Easily installed by two men with no need for a crank up hoist

Mast Climber Winnipeg

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